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SCP ActiveX Licensing terms:

  • Licenses are sold on a per-developer basis.
  • You can install components on as many computers as you wish, and redistribute with your application to as many end-users as you wish.
  • Regardless of the type of license purchased, a component can be used in any number of applications, and can be redistributed royalty-free with your applications to your end-users.
  • Same-product new-version upgrades are always free.

SCP ActiveX can be purchased online with:

  • ShareIT (Online credit cards, wire, phone orders and PO)
  • Paypal




MySCP Component Single Developer License $68
MySCP Component Site License $348
MySCP Component. Full Source Code (Visual C++) $499


MySSH Component Single Developer License $68
MySSH Component Site License $348
MySSH Component. Full Source Code (Visual C++) $499


2 Components Pack: MySCP+ MySSH (Single Developer License) $118
2 Components Pack: MySCP+ MySSH (Site License) $698

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